Debriefing the 2022 WV Regular Legislative Session – Labor

Brian Skinner Labor, Legislation, Legislature

By Brian J. Skinner, Esq. As with previous years with a Republican majority in both chambers, few bills could in any way be considered pro-labor. Unlike many previous years, however, there was no significant effort to negatively impact employee rights. Legislation affecting the employer-employee relationship includes Senate Bill 245, which amends the current provisions of …Read More

Debriefing the 2021 WV Legislative Session – Labor

Brian Skinner Labor, Legislation

By Brian Skinner, Esq. The 2021 regular session of the West Virginia Legislature saw a continuation Republican supermajority’s efforts to transform the state’s labor laws by passing legislation on the classification of workers, the regulation of contractors, the manner in which public employee union dues may be collected and clarifying that work stoppages by public …Read More

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