With more than a century’s worth of combined experience in government relations, strategy and communications, Hartman Cosco offers a full complement of government affairs consulting services, including legislative and executive branch lobbying, regulatory representation and compliance, state government budget analysis, communications support, coalition development and management, and grassroots engagement.

Communications Support

We assist you in communicating clearly and effectively, so policy makers better understand your organization’s issues.


We support you in positively swaying the courts of public opinion that can influence decision makers toward your cause.

Government Relations

We connect you with state and federal government officials whose policies impact your business, group or issue.


We assist our clients with navigating the governmental process at the state and/or local level, providing the necessary guidance to achieve a quality professional relationship with policy makers.

Grassroots Engagement

We will help you develop strategy and messaging to effectively deploy your supporters in advocating for your cause.

Coalition Building

There’s always strength in numbers. We leverage interest and work to unite voices to achieve common policy goals.

Issue Management

Whether you are defining a goal for an organization, constructing a message for public consumption, or advocating for change, your message should never be open to interpretation!


Often, the real work is done outside of the legislative session during interim committee meetings.   We provide monitoring and analysis throughout the process.

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