The AMA Urges Governors and State Legislatures to Take Action to Curb Drug Overdoses

Brian Skinner Government & Policy, Opioid Drug Crisis
Opioid drugs

By Brian Skinner, Esq. An increasing number of reports in the national, state and local media suggests an upsurge in opioid- and other drug-related mortality—particularly from illicitly manufactured fentanyl and fentanyl analogs. Although nationwide data is incomplete, the data that is available suggests drug overdose deaths are on track to reach an all-time high. Prior to the arrival …Read More

The Healing Center is the Pittsburgh Area’s Second Largest Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary

Brian Skinner Medical Cannabis

By Brian Skinner, Esq. A recent report finds that The Healing Center (THC) is the Pittsburgh area’s second largest dispensary ranked by local employment. The company features an extensive selection of plant-based medical choices grown exclusively for its patients. The Healing Center strives to help all patients find the most effective medical cannabis treatment to increase their …Read More

Republicans Maintain Advantage in Control of State Legislative Chambers

Brian Skinner Elections, State Legislatures

Route Fifty — By Kate Elizabeth Queram, Staff Correspondent — November 4, 2020 Democrats in several state legislatures saw their hopes for claiming majorities in more chambers slip away Wednesday as early election returns indicated that Republicans largely maintained or increased their legislative power.  “I think the overall results are a big disappointment for the …Read More

Elections Are Not Just About Candidates

Brian Skinner Elections

By Brian J. Skinner Although most of the discussion following yesterday’s voting is focused on the Presidential race, several states also had referendums on the ballot. Some of the more notable referendums include: Marijuana — New Jersey and Arizona legalized recreational marijuana use, while South Dakota and Mississippi approved medical marijuana. Now, one in three Americans live in …Read More

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