From the Well…. (October 23, 2018)

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Concerns about medical marijuana becoming legal in July of next year . WTRF reports, “Medical marijuana is still expected to become fully legal in West Virginia by July of next year, but there are  some concerns on whether or not it’ll happen  by then.”


Big Pharma nightmare. Trump, D alliance to rein in drug costs.  The New York Times reports, “The pharmaceutical industry, pilloried by President Trump for the last two years, is war-gaming for the possibility that its worst fear is realized: that  Democrats, if they flip control of the House, find common ground with the president  to rein in drug prices.’


Drug price posting may lead to greater transparency without real value . The Hill reports , “ Many Americans would likely agree that prescription drug prices are too high. Unfortunately, the  Department of Health and Human Services’ recent proposed rule requiring pharmaceutical companies to include drugs’ list prices in advertising is one of those strange cases that may lead to  greater information and transparency without much real value to the health-care consumer.”


Methamphetamines back, more deadly . NPR reports, “Methamphetamines are  back and they are more deadly . While politicians and others have been focused on ways to stop the opioid epidemic, methamphetamine use has been on the rise…”



Amendment One wording sparse. Repercussions significant.  MetroNews reports, “When West Virginia residents vote on what the state Constitution says about abortion, they’ll get their chance to weigh in on an issue that has been percolating for the past 25 years…“The  wording the citizens are voting on is spare …“The repercussions could be significant.”


District 17 must choose two of four candidates.  The Herald-Dispatch reports, “Voters in the West Virginia House of Delegates District 17  must choose two of the four candidates  on the ballot to represent them in Charleston. “Incumbents Dr. Matthew Rohrbach, a Republican, and Chad Lovejoy, a Democrat, face Republican Joyce Holland and Democrat Jeanette Rowsey in the Nov. 6 general election. All four bring different backgrounds and plans for their time in the Capitol.”


Doyle attempts to unseat Moore in Jefferson County . Herald-Media reports, “After a six-year hiatus from the West Virginia House of Delegates, former Del. John Doyle is hoping to return to the Legislature by  unseating freshman Republican Del. Riley Moore  in Jefferson County in the upcoming Nov. 6 election.”


Folk seeking to unseat Unger . The Herald-Mail reports, “Del. Mike Folk is  seeking to unseat  longtime State Sen. John Unger who is seeking a sixth, four-year term in the Nov. 6 general election.”


National Republican group launches campaign supporting Armstead, Jenkins. MetroNews reports, “A  national Republican organization  launched a campaign … in support of Justices Tim Armstead and Evan Jenkins’ bids for the state Supreme Court.”


…Thought bubble.  Judicial elections are supposed to be non-partisan.

Progressives fuming at Manchin . The Hill reports, “ Progressives are fuming  at Democratic Sen.  Joe Manchin  (W.Va.) in the final weeks of his Senate reelection campaign.”


… Candidates attempt to point out differences.  The Herald-Dispatch reports, “Incumbent … Manchin is likely facing his toughest battle for re-election in his long career as an elected official in light of the changing political landscape in West Virginia.

“…Manchin is going up against current West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, who is being backed by Trump as the president hopes to keep a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate. “Both candidates  point out their differences from each other .”


…McConnell’s shot at entitlements boosts Manchin’s chances.  Politico reports, “[Mitch McConnell,] the Senate majority leader’s recent shot at Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is boosting … Manchin in his re-election campaign…

“McConnell last week reflected on the need to reform entitlement programs to rein in the federal deficit. … Manchin called McConnell’s comments ‘absolutely ridiculous’ and said his Republican opponent, … Morrisey, would vote to curtail benefits ‘in a heartbeat.’” 


…Pence says Morrisey will close the loopholes.  WOWK reports, “”It was a raucous night as approximately 400 people gather at a business at the North Central West Virginia Airport in Bridgeport. Vice President Mike Pence campaigning for … Morrisey, … locked in a tight race with … Manchin. “… You send … Morrisey to the U.S. Senate with renewed Republican majorities, we’re going to secure our border; we’re going to build the wall; we’re going to  close the loopholes ,’ said Vice President Mike Pence.”


Panhandle candidates agree on horse industry importance . The Journal reports, “Members of the Jefferson County community voiced their concerns for the horse racing industry recently, with candidates vying for political office looking to represent their area in Charleston…“The candidates in attendance, who are vying for the position of delegate in the 65th, 66th and 67 districts and for the position of senator for the 16th district, all agreed …  on the importance of the horse industry  to Jefferson County.”

Republicans could hang on to the House.  Politico reports, “Just about every poll predicts it won’t happen: Suburban voters are too fed up with Donald Trump, and Democrats too awash in cash, for Nancy Pelosi’s party not to seize the House on Nov. 6.


“And yet House Republicans — and privately, even a few Democrats — say the GOP could still hang on , if only by a few seats.”



Immunotherapy plus chemo helps those with aggressive breast cancer live longer . The New York Times reports, “Women with an aggressive type of breast cancer  lived longer if they received immunotherapy plus chemotherapy , rather than chemo alone, a major study has found.”


Many pregnant women not getting needed vaccinations . Physician’s Briefing reports, “Many pregnant women  are not getting recommended vaccinations , with less than half of those pregnant during the peak influenza vaccination period in 2017 to 2018 reporting being vaccinated before or during their pregnancy…”


Panhandle residents encouraged to get flu shots.  The Sentinel reports, “With flu season underway, officials are  encouraging residents to get their flu shots  to protect not only themselves but others in their community.”

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